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I have NBN and have just connected my Telstra T Box however other than free to air TV it is not allowing me to record or access the Big Pond movies.


I have my NBN and phone with Telstra.


Can you please advise




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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: T- Box

If you could provide any error messages that you see, this would help to diagnose what you are experiencing. 


If your T-Box is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, you may need to update the T-Box with the Wi-Fi security keys for your new modem. BigPond Movies and the TV Guide require access to the internet in order to access that content.  Without the TV Guide, you will not be able to set recordings.


You might also like to consider the new device that we offer instead of the Telstra T-Box. The Telstra TV does not have the option to record Live TV, but it does allow you to stream On Demand content from the Free to Air networks as well as other media services such as BigPond Movies, Netflix, Stan and Foxtel Play.


You can find out more about Telstra TV here:


- Shelly

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Re: T- Box

I'm not connected to NBN yet but since the last software upgrade on T-Box... the T-Box freezes and restarts, you can go into bigpond movies and the start clicking through the movies and it will freeze again and bolt back up.

Then started experiencing the not allowing me to record and it rewind live tv like it used too.

I'm so disappointed and I would upgrade to the Telstra TV if it had half the features of the T-Box.. telstra have gone absolutely backwards in this whole advance of technology. Thumbs down Telstra! You've lost me as a customer! Fire the smart one who though of the Telstra TV without even having a friggin Tuner built in! Like what the actual **bleep**!

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