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Tbox no longer working Telstra unwilling to help

I've been a Telstra customer for 5 years and 3 years ago I purchased a tbox which is now not working only to be told Im out of warranty and we no longer sell tbox you will need to buy Telstra TV, there's nothing we can do. If I had known I would pay $360 for a device that wouldn't work in 3 years I'd would never have bought it. I also pay for presto which I can no longer watch. Looks like I will go to optus due to Telstra being so unhelpful. I have all my service's with Telstra including my two daughters mobile, it's ridiculous your willing to lose a good customer over something that is your fault

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Re: Tbox no longer working Telstra unwilling to help

Unfortunately the warranty period was generally 2 years on T-Box.

As has been stated, it's been removed from sale for a while now, so I'm not entirely sure what you expect them to do?

They don't sell it and you aren't within the warranty period. I suspect they have a small stock on hand for anyone who still happens to be within a warranty period and needs replacement, but otherwise there is nothing they CAN do.

Presto is able to be watched in many ways, and not just via the T-Box. However if that is your only way of access the service then I would suggest stopping the Presto sub so you don't get charged by them for something you can't access.
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Re: Tbox no longer working Telstra unwilling to help

I believe they should replace them with whatever has taken over the tbox, I think it's disgusting that corporations are charging high prices for items that they know will not last just to make more money out of us, this disposable electronic world needs to stop and we need to stand up and say enough is enough.

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