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Tbox plan renewal

Our tbox plan is due for renewal in January. As i have paid for the box over the last 2 years do I get reduction in the cost of the next plan?

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Re: Tbox plan renewal

There is no 'T-Box plan' as such. There is a hardware repayment option which allows you to pay the box off over a 24-month period (you own it from the day it's delivered). Once this is done then there are no further payments required for the box itself.

Additional services that attract a fee, such as Foxtel on T-Box, are entirely separate from this hardware repayment and any normal subscription fees would continue to apply.
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Re: Tbox plan renewal

My Contract for both T-Box and T-Hub just finished (November). 

The only thing that changed was I no longer pay the 11.00 each, from December therefore my monthly bill is lower.  I pay for the Foxtel over ADSL, which is something my wife sometimes complains about (except when I let her watch the Discovery channels she likes Smiley Happy )



My plan obviously expires, and I'm going to keep my head down, because I think I miss out on some stuff under the new contracts.  I'm not going to worry until the new year though.


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