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Regarding obsolete t-box. How will I now be billed ? What do I actually get for my money? Can I still watch channels like Nickelodeon, Disney, Discovery, Family Movies, Lifestyle & Music channels ?????
So many questions.

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Re: Tbox

You will be billed up until the end date, and if you had been charged already you will receive a pro-rata credit back on the unused portion you have paid on your next bill. The subscribed services will continue to work until the end date at which point they will be removed and the update will go through as per the official release. If you wanted to continue to access those sorts of channels you would need to look at the option of either swapping to full-service Foxtel (Telstra were offering a swap offer via the sales team for TBox customers to waive the installation and box fees and with a discount) or Foxtel Now via something like the Telstra TV.


If you are on an older bundle that included the Foxtel on T-Box channels, then my understanding is that will be updated to a different equivalent bundle without the T-Box but in this case, it may be worth reviewing your bundle with the sales team as they might be able to find a betters solution, some of the bundles are actually including the Telstra TV and Foxtel Now starter pack for the 24 months so that might be a worthwhile thing to look at - http://tel.st/bundles

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Re: Tbox

Hi K27,


Sorry to break this to you but the service is closing down for good no more Foxtel on TBox and it's being knobbled with a new firmware that will remove the my media player feature andthe tv guide server will also stop.







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