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As Telstra Vandalized my T Box  and mislead us especially regarding the USB function and Series record being disabled I found it beneficial to make a complaint online and unless I got an response in writing I would contact the Ombudsman in my complaint. I've had the T Box for 7 years and really enjoyed the series record and the USB. Telstra TV doesn't come close to the T Box in usability.

So after they offered a Telstra TV 2 in replacement (firstly attaching it to a 2 year contract resign) I just said dont worry I'll let the Ombudsman decide they dropped the contract and sent me Free the T TV 2. But still Im lost for words as the T TV 2 is just as useless as the T TV 1. yes it does have the live TV option but so what, so does my TV.

a class action should be started. they cannot come into my home and vandalize my machine I paid for albeit via the telephone line. what else will they do in the future.

their best option is to get the TB software back to us.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: TBox

If they didn't change the firmware on the TBox, then it still wouldn't have worked the way it did prior to the update as the servers that the Tbox relied upon for these functions (they didn't work on the same system as Freeview does) were shut down.

The manufacturer doesn't even support the software system that the TBoxes ran on anymore, so updating the firmware to get their information from the more modern systems that the TV networks run was not an option.
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