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Telstra Plus - anyone having trouble activating 'free' Telstra TV Box Office offer?

I have joined the new Telstra loyalty scheme (Telstra Plus) and have been advised that I have Gold Status (woo hoo). This status entitles me to some good stuff amongst them $110 worth of free Telstra TV Box Office Movies. When I click on the 'activate my offer' button to take advantage of this offer I receive the following error message (see image below)This led me to look into my Telstra ID to see if the one I use to log into my Telstra account was the same one I used to register on Telstra Plus.


Similarly I also checked to see if the Telstra ID I used to create my Telstra TV account was the same as my main log in.


Guess what?


They were all different. One was xxxxxx@hotmail.com, the second was xxxxxx@bigpond.com and the third one was xxxxxx@telstra.com! Interestingly they ALL WORK when I log into my Telstra account.


So I am not sure if having all these ID's is the reason why I cannot access my Telstra Plus (Box Office credit) offer but even after I change them all to one (or the other) I still get the error message.


Thoughts, solutions anyone?

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra Plus - anyone having trouble activating 'free' Telstra TV Box Office offer?

Hi @Hugh4


Apologies for the frustration you have been experiencing.

Unfortunately we are unable to access customer records for further investigation via this platform due to privacy and security reasons.


I would recommend speaking with our live chat team, who can be contacted either via this link: https://tel.st/b5axg or via your 24x7 App on your mobile device https://tel.st/ugekf


Once connected they can access your account securely and provide further support to see what has happened.


Please let us know how you get on and what the outcome was.


- Stef

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