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Support for Android 4

Hi there,


I have been reading about possible support for the later releases of Android on the T-Hub 2 tablet.


The version currently used 2.x is


a) very old and

b) very restricted in which applications can be installed and run on the device.


For example Bump and Instagram (very popular applications) are both not supported on the device through to the old Android release.


Can someone from Telstra support shed some light on this question. I don't see the point of paying for a tablet device which is so restricted in its functionality because it is using a very old release of the Android operating system.


Thanks. Dieter 

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Re: Support for Android 4

the thub 2 is a home phone with a few extras mainly it is a home phone dont know what bump or instagram are so i cant say if they are popular applications or not never heard of them maybe they are for mobile phones dont know about that either a mobile doesnt work here so dont have one but i have a thub 2 that is a reasonable house phone that i can check the weather and use google calendar and chrome the version i am using is 4.0.4

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Re: Support for Android 4

I don't think its the android version that restrictions instagram as it works on my phone with 2.3.7. I think it may have something to do with the screen size, but I could be wrong. But yes, it would be nice to have the upgrade. When did you get the 4.0.4 maxalford?
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Re: Support for Android 4

@frogomas7 wrote:
When did you get the 4.0.4 maxalford?

4.04_3.30 was released yesterday and is 192MB so will take a little while to download.


Go to Settings -> About phone -> Telstra firmware and check for new firmware on the tablet.


The following settings will be retained in the ICS device after upgrading from Gingerbread:

  • Phone Number
  • Wi-Fi details – SSID and password
  • BigPond email address and password
  • Postcode
  • Time Zone settings
  • Contacts

The following wont be retained without a workaround:

  • All bookmarks/history/cookies
  • TuneIn Radia favourites/presets

 Also note:

  • Shortcut/Widgets of 3rd Party apps installed by customers on any on the Home pages will not be reloaded. Customers will have to re-create them. Note: The 3rd Party applications installed on the device will be retained.
  • Personalised settings of 3rd Party apps installed by customers may not be retained (application dependant)
  • Ringtone settings for incoming and internal calls. Telephone 1 and Telephone 2 become the default settings respectively.
  • Screensaver settings may not be maintained. If the screen saver setting cannot be assigned to the new set of timeouts, the screensaver timeout will be set at 30 minutes by default.
  • Wallpapers will be set to the new default. Customers will be required to manually update the screen saver page.
  • Default widgets will be reloaded, even if they were previously removed from the Home Pages under Gingerbread.


Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Support for Android 4

Hi aussiebauer,


Juzman is right in saying that Ice Cream Sandwich has started to roll out to the T-Hub 2 now, but is a sizeable download - the instructions he listed above are the simplest way to start the download of the update.  Unfortunately as the T-Hub 2 is a specialised device, and not a typical mobile tablet, the development and testing of ICS on it has taken longer than usual, and we apologise for the limited functionality this has meant for some apps, but we're happy to say that it's available now.


- Justin

Telstra Social Media Team

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