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Activate new simcard in new ipad plan



Recently I purchased (online) Ipad with the plan of $15/month and $5 data sharing. This plan will be added to my current telstra account (mobile phone). The package came up including the simcard. I inserted the simcard into the ipad but no service came out on the ipad screen. in the setting also says the mobile number is unknown. Been trying to ask the telstra customer service, and apparently they said that the simcard is blank simcard, I just have to use my current mobile simcard into the ipad to be able to use the data sharing, or suggested to have prepaid simcard then telstra can activate the service and transfer into my account.


My questions:

-why sending blank simcard?

-why data sharing only use my current mobile number? ( which mean if i use in the ipad, my mobile is off and vise versa )

-why I need another prepaid simcard? then another cost will be added to my account on top of the plan?


Am not sure why the consultant/technical support not understand or myself, seems to be very complicated??


Anyone can help? greatly appreciated


ps. in the telstra store they actually can't do anything if the product purchased online


Asep Sobandy

Telstra loyal customer

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