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Advertising misleading

You are advertising on your main page
Amazing 29$ iPad and ten gig plan
You got me
After an hour drive to your store I’ve been told this is only for existing customers
This is not stated in advertising and there is no critical statment for this offer
I feel I’ve been tricked by your false and misleading promo,s
I truely believe it was deseptive on your behalf to make me feel more insulted your sales team tried to sell a plan for the same price but missing 8 out of the 10 gig advertised
I believe you should supply what you advertise with no marketing tricks
Even your staff where surprised when they realized they had been misleading to answer for
3hours of my day gone embarresed staff and a bad tast in my mouth
Have showed ten people the ad works well they all believed it

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Level 8: Inspector

Re: Advertising misleading


Sorry for what happen.
with what you are planning to get. is it teh Tablet Plan $29.00 with ipad 9.7 32GB with 10GB of data?
actually you can have it.
if you want to get a new service you are eligible.
you can check out this link below.

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