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Android Please

I’ve been in need of an android device for months now. Walked in to my local Telstra shop and was told they have nothing in stock, they were not interested in sitting down and talking to me about ordering anything, they assistant just kept shaking her head and saying “no sorry” even when I said “I don’t mind waiting for the right device” she just kept shaking her head and asked me to check back in a month or so.

That was 3 months ago and I’ve tried every couple of weeks to order a tablet or a phone online but have to wait until I’ve chosen my device THEN added the plan to be told 100% of the time that my chosen device is not in stock and I should choose another one. Is there any point shopping for a galaxy tab or any hardware at all with Telstra when other companies are still pumping phones out their doors? I can always buy what I want on amazon so why does Telstra never have any stock?

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