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Expiry of Tablet Plan

I would like to find out when my tablet plan expires. How can I find out?

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Re: Expiry of Tablet Plan

You shouldn't post the same question mutilple times..  and never include personal information, not even a phone number.


No-one at CrowdSupport has access to account and billing information.


That information is usually provided in the CIS at time of order, but can also be seen on your bill.


But you can self help to a certain extent:

Open your My Account web page in a browser, at and sign in

Find the device in the list of services

Click on Manage Plan and Allowances

Click on Contract details then the payout figure will be shown on the Cancel Your Plan tab.


Current Telstra plans for a service are usually month to month (i.e. no period contract) but if you bought a device, then you will have a device repayment plan at X dollars for  Y months. As I said the remaining payments should be detailed on your bill, so the Payout figure will be a total cost to buy out the device. If you monitor that over a few days, you will be able to work out how much you are being charged each day/week/month.


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