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No service

I have no service on my iPad , it was working now it's not. Any suggestions.

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Re: No service


Could be a dead sim? (More than likely)


Have you tried turning it off and on?


Have you tried switching off 4G?


Have you tried resetting the networking settings?


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Re: No service

Thanks for that.

I had tried all of the above . I worked back to when I lost it and it was when I did an update to IOS 9.3. After much searching and trying , I bit the bullet and did a factory reset. Low and behold when I restated my ipad my Carrier settings were back and it's now working fine.

I also didn't have to do an update because IOS 9.3 was still there.

Anybody else with this problem may have to do the same , it was the only thing that I could find that worked for me.

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