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Receiving calls on iPad

I was just told by Telstra customer service that the reason I have call diversion charges (at $0) on my iPad charges list is because I can receive phone calls on my iPad. She was putting me through to technical support when the phone cut out.


I know about facetime and messaging etc but can someone actually call my iPad from a landline?


I call the number and it went to a message bank. Shouldn't I be able to access these messages?


I am very confused.

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Re: Receiving calls on iPad

Sorry to hear that you are confusioned .... of course you can't make telephone calls from your iPad as such. However an iPad with a Sim card in it which can access the 3/4g network when not on WiFi can be called the Sim card has a fully dialable number, it's just a regular sim card for wantof explaining it easily. The iPad of course dosen't have the required workings in it to accept or make calls.


Don't worry about it. And you wouldn't be able to access any message bank because you can't set it up from the iPad anyway.



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NB: I am NOT a Telstra employee, just another customer like you.
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Re: Receiving calls on iPad

Well my ipad original and since updated to the new ipad mini but still on on the prepaid micro-SIM for iPad offer was also receiving calls but of course these calls cannot come through. Voice messages and now voice to text calls would be charged at the callers expense whether from Lanline or a Mobile phone.


If the offer is for iPad its a scam from Telstra to make more moeny as these devices cannot get calls. Yet the help lady from Telsra today advised me to change some settings on the iPad so as it would work. She wanted e to call the iPad to check the progres, I advised I would not be calling as I would be paying for these useless calls. Even she thought iPads could get calls.....mmmmmm????


So I once again asked for voice mail, aka Me$$age Bank to be deactivated so as to stop wasting peoples money and upping up the coffer of the mobile companies.


Surely if your on that iPad offer, iPad calling should be off by default, not having to ring up to get it turned off, wasting my and Telstra employees valuable time


Just some thoughts...

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