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restrictions for teenagers


I have just spent an hour on the chat thingy, trying to get information about how to restrict types of websites my daughter has access too. 

I was asked to add an account, entered my account number then a message said server Error.

I had to then go and do school pickup, that's how long I was trying to sort this, so I asked the fella to email me the info, he says sure.

THen he directs me to fill in his survey thingy, which I dutifully did.


Lo and behold I get home from school, you guessed it, no freakin email with the info.

Honestly I am losing the will to live with this Company.

Asking for a simple piece of information is impossible.


I would be endlessly thankful if someone out there, could tell me how to do this.  We have an NBN modem.


Yours impatiently


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Re: restrictions for teenagers

Hi Jeanna,


I found this that may help you;




if you have a Telstra Home Bundle this service is often included at no extra cost.


Hope that helps Smiley Happy

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