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Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 hates the GAteway Max TG797

So, I recently purchased the Gateway Max TG797 router. Ever since then my Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 8.0 refuses to connect to the wireless


* Reset the Tablet to default settings (no difference)

* Reset modem to default settings (no difference)

* Changed from WEP to WPA (no difference)

* Changed passwords to something simple (no difference)

* Kicked the television (no difference)


It worked perfectly with the C6300 Cable modem, but now with the TG797 it just refuses to connect


I always get the Saved/Secured status on the wireless profile, it is constantly scanning networks, but never connects. The tablet works perfectly with other routers (like TP-Link, or Cisco) but just hates this Technicolur model. The tablet also connects perfectly first go to my iPad with the hotspot enabled. (WPA security), and connects to every other wireless in airports, hotels, and libraries. It just hates anything to do with this particular modem. Even Telstra Air is hit and miss depending on what modem the person has broadcasting the service.


Other users around the net also complain of the same problem, and they suggest chaning the WPA from AES to TPKI. Unfortunately it doesn't look like you can do that with this modem in advanced settings. Pretty poor that a tablet I got from Telstra itself, can''t connect to a Tel$tra supplied modem.


Anyone had any opportunity to resolve this issue, short of going and getting a new tablet or new modem. I've spent enough with Tel$tra and don't wish to donate any more.




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Re: Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 hates the GAteway Max TG797

Ok an update. After mucking around for a bit longer, swapping between WEP and WPA, all of a sudden the gateway max was telling me that the WEP key was in the incorrect format "you must use letters A-F and numbers 0-9)


Having used the same WEP key for the last 4 years I was absolutely sure I was typing it in correctly, and just couldn't understand the message. Then I noticed that the message was written in  capital letters. So I tried putting in the WEP key with Capitals instead, bingo it worked. Now to the tablet. I entered the WEP key in with Capital Letters this time (even though I had never needed to before) and it suddenly connected to the wireless network and chugged along nicely.


For 2 hours


Back to the drawing board. I am not sure why all of a sudden the Gateway max started asking for Capital Letters, nor why I could conect for 2 hours, then back to the same old problem. The Galaxy Tab intermittently connects to the wireless for a short period of time, then dies again. So to be sure it wasn;t faulty, took it to my friends house who has the old C6300, and it connected perfectly and lasted the entire evening without a hitch. Back to my modem the TG797, and same old problem.


I suspect that a firmware update over the evening "fixed" the WEP key issue about being all in capital letters, bt still hasn't completely fixed the connectivity issue. Have emailed both Thomson and Samsung about the issue, and just like a true landlord/Body Corporate dispute, each other is to blame of course.


Will keep posting any further developments as they progress.

Cheap, Fast, Reliable . . . you may only pick two

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