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Samsung Tab S2 battery Calibration issue (Android 5.0.2)

Hi Telstra engineering team,


Please take a close look at on next Samsung TabS2 Android release, as there is a clear evidience of battery calibration issue with the current released tablets(android 5.0.2).


my experience: bought a Tab S2 on the plan two weeks ago from telstra shop, after the first charge, the tablet screen started flickering and shut down when battery reach below 5%. and the symptom continued on every full charge.  Wasted my time by following telstra's support's advise of reset the device to factory default couple of times, did not fix the issue. 


I had to video record the issue and took it back to the Telstra shop to exchange a new one, but it has the exactly the same problem as the previous one. when battery is running close to 5%, the draining is swift, once it pass below 5%, the screen starts flickering at any time and then the device crash to shut down.


I am an Samsung user for many years and out of all the Samsung devices I used none had this issue. the only difference is that the device is packaged and supported by Telstra. all my previous carrier's devices were much thoroughly tested and released to my experience. 

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Re: Samsung Tab S2 battery Calibration issue (Android 5.0.2)


My advice is to fully charge then absolutely fully discharge the battery 10 times so that it actually switches off....

Whilst in theory Lithium batters do not memorise, in practice they do.


I think if you do the above as stated, you have a better than even chance of making a difference

Thank you

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Re: Samsung Tab S2 battery Calibration issue (Android 5.0.2)



I have done the ten complete charge and drain as suggested above, but still having the same issue.


both the original and the replaced tablet have the same issue, i am sure I am not the only one.


Anyone has any other suggestions?

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Re: Samsung Tab S2 battery Calibration issue (Android 5.0.2)

I have a Tab2 (Chrissy pressie) and have not come across this problem, but will be aware of it in the future.


I hope your problem is resolved quickly.



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