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Signed a contract to purchase Note 9 blue with upgrade to 512mb and free Tab A from Telstra store at Hinkler Mall Bundaberg  I was told delivery would be on Friday 24 September, the next day 9 a. m. When I called in (all excited of course) only to be told Note not there yet, to call in on Monday 27 September at 9 a. m. Called in, no Note. Was told delivery man comes in "afternoon" that I should callback then. Yep, called back and yep, no Note 9. I had called Samsung during that day only to be told by their customer service that they had not anticipated demand and it would be 2 to 3 months to arrive.SERIOUSLY??? I put this past sales person and manager at Telstra store who denied this saying their warehouse sends out every Friday. So how long I ask? Well, could be days, weeks or months! Erghh, why did you nou not tell me this at the time of signing contract? Erghh, OK, I will take the black. Here it comes! If I do I will lose the free memory upgrade and Tab A cause that deal has finished. SERIOUSLY?? This was all your fault not mine, you blatantly lied about availability in your hurry to get my signature and now you can do this? I have put in a complaint with Telstra, not that it will do one ounce of good. They are all hot air and glossy promises of making the customer come first, all rubbish. I wrote the book on excellent Customer Service and in my opinion Telstra does not even come close. Shocking and disgraceful. If I don't get satisfaction within days I will tell everyone that I know about this lack of due diligence, everyone. Friends, family will know what an unprofessional mob Telstra is. By the was not one aplogogy from them or Samsung. 

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Support Team

Re: Service

Hi Redstagv,


I can appreciate your frustration. As you have mentioned that you have lodged a complaint with us, a case manager will be in contact to discuss this further. Please let us know how it goes.

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