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Sorry complete newbie with the new ipad and need help

I have the ipad 4GWi-Fi which i thought was perfect for my means at home and work as i have a sierra ultimate wifi setup at home and a diff one at work. Do i really need this micro/mini sim card or is it just bollocks? when i turn the ipad on it shows the options of wireless setups in the area but just keeps the spinning "working" icon beside it as well as a lock beside the full signal indicator. Any help would be fantastic Smiley Happy now as its 12.50 and i've been flying and driving for 30+hrs, i'm going to bed. Thanks everyone and apologies again if its user error (supidity) causing my problem

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Sorry complete newbie with the new ipad and need help

Hi Wobbigong75, 

No need for the SIM Card, and if you have the WiFi only iPad, it won't take a Sim Card anyway :-)

What you need to do, is in the list of Networks available in the area, select the network for your Sierra Ultimate WiFi device. 

To select it just tap the centre of the Network (don't press the arrow, as that's for advanced options). 
If you just tap the centre of the Network it will pop up a password box. That's the box for your WiFi modem's WPA key. You put in the WPA key, and it will connect your iPad to the network, it's that simple :-)

You have to enter the WPA key exactly as is, so if there are capital letters, these need to be capital. 

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