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Supply of Apple iPad Pro 11.5"

Apple iPad Pro 11.5" - I've had one on order since 19 May 2020, but you still advise that you are out of stock! My suggestion is that if you adapt the same purchase option currently offered by APPLE & TELSTRA re purchasing iPhones. My/Our problem would be solved! I'm referring to the fact that I can purchase a new iPhone from APPLE STORES and have the payment of same by invoicing through TELSTRA on a "Purchase Plan". therefore allowing me the buyer to take advantage of TELSTRA buy on a repayment plan! Apple have Tablet stock and you TELSTRA are out of stock (even though your website stated that the product was available at date of my order 19 May 2020) But presently I can't even get a date re when the item will be available? APPLE HAVE STOCK so make arrangements with them to allow me to purchase from them and assign the product to TELSTRA for payment and supply of the necessary chip.

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