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Telstra Plus Exchanges

I used Telstra Plus points to order a Google Nest Hub when it was on special.  I had to chase up its whereabouts a number of times.  Each time I was told it was scheduled for dispatch.  When it finally arrived over a month later, it was a store demo model that cannot be used in a domestic setting.


I contacted Telstra concerning the issue and said I wanted to lodge a complaint as I was fed up at that point.  I was contacted by a team member who directed me to a form that required an IEMI number.  Google Nest Hubs do not have IEMI numbers.  I contacted the team member to explain this and did not hear back.  I then texted Telstra support and they directed me to a returns form that liases with AusPost for returns.  I returned the item expecting that it would be a straightforward exchange for the correct Google Nest Hub.  I also ensured that the people helping understood that I simply wanted to exchange the incorrect item that they had sent me.


I received information from AusPost that the item was successfully delivered back to Telstra and waited a week before contacting Telstra as to the progress of the exchange.  I was told to wait another week and try again.  I waited another week and a half and then contacted Telstra again as no one had sent any communication.


The latest communication said that they would reimburse my points and then I would have to re-order the Hub.  I said that I had ordered it during a special deal and now the hub would take more points than it had originally.


The team member then suggested that I buy it from a Telstra shop and Telstra would reimburse me.  I agreed with this scenario but was then told that my local store didn’t have it in stock and that I’d have to make an appointment with the store.


I pointed out that if the store has no stock, then what would an appointment do?  I asked if they could find a store that had it in stock and get that store to send me one.  I was told that “that is not how it works”.

So here I am.  I do not have the Google Nest Hub I ordered in April, through no fault of my own.  Telstra sent me the wrong item and now Telstra wants me to chase down an item, travel to the store with the item in stock and then chase down someone at Telstra to re-imburse me.

Surely there is a simpler solution!


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