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Trouble activating a prepaid sim on tablet



I have a prepaid sim that I’m using in an iPad. I’m having trouble activating it.


  • According to there are five steps.
  • Step 1 - Sim Details - is fine. I can enter the number of my SIM card and have selected tablet plan. No stress. Hit next...
  • Step 2 - Your ID. I have entered the licence number. The script runs, and the green box comes up ”ID Check was successful”. Easy. Hit next...
  • The website hangs here. It wont load at all, the header bar remains and the blue “loading” bar across the safari address bar stops about halfway then stops.
  • Thats the end of my story.

Has anyone else had this issue? I’ve tried calling, but of course Telstra aren’t servicing this type of request, because they’re prioritising those in need... 🤨 Also tried the My Telstra app, but they only work between 7am-9pm AEST... Which it currently is... 😴 Someone must be sleeping in. Lucky for me, you’re reading this.


I’ve tried closing and reopening the website, but all the data already entered is in the cache and the same problem repeats. Tried multiple times over multiple days, same result.


Can i clear my browser cache on Safari IOS? Does that also clear my auto fill? Cursory searches indicate that it does not. 


Any clues to progress the SIM card activation beyond step two would be very much appreciated.

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  • No, I still need help

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