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Unable to connect my android tab to home wifi.. See details for troubleshooting

My Samsung Galaxy 2 Tab 10.1 will not connect to my home wifi. This process has taken > 4 weeks. I enter password and says ' incorrect password'. Its is case sensitive and I am putting in the correct password. Have only 2 other devices connected to the router without problems. Router - Telstra Thomson TG782T. Went to place of purchase and was able to connect with their high end router. Went to McDonalds and able to connect with low end router. Not a hardware problem..Switched off all other devices at home, reset router, attempted to connect with tablet first and fail. I am within my limit to only 5 devices. I am stumped! Please help, really shouldn't be this difficult. Sharon

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Re: Unable to connect my android tab to home wifi.. See details for troubleshooting

Check you have USB, self read this    Samsung Galaxy 2 Tab 10.1


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Found with other devices was easier to first establish connection with cable, then identify device, then try connect it with wireless.



Open your browser page 

Sign in, so you can see web informatin of devices connected to your TG782T


Then connect your Tablet using your USB cable connection. 


When you can see the Tablet, then disconnect it from USB


Then in browser go to Home Network - Wireless


Then   Search for wireless devices


When search finds your Tablet  give it permission to access.



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