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Wacom tablet issues?



After a long absence (work has been really busy) I've finally got a few weeks off and I thought I'd fire up Synfig and see how it's coming along. I downloaded 1.01-6 for Windows, and ran it on a clean Windows7 install.
My main concern right now is that there seems to be an offset from where the pen is to where synfig thinks it is. i.e. I try and make a mark at 0,0 and it comes up and to the left by ~120px, 200px at the default zoom. If I change the zoom setting these pixel values change, but it's always halfway across the canvas, up and to the left. Is there any setting I can tweak to calibrate that? Apart from that, it seems to work - I can make pressure sensitive strokes. Needless to say, it's highly irritating.My tablet is a Wacom Cintiq 20WSX.Also what's the current recommendation for compiling Synfig for Windows these days? Fedora? Cygwin? My old msys environment choked with the introduction of boost, and I don't think I ever rebuilt after that.\

Please help.


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