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afl app bill


 I was sent a email message  Support Team from the crowd support community regarding a problem with the AFL app but their is no way to respond to the email as it is a noreply address 

how crazy 

please tell me how Im suppose to respond 

wait to hear 



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Re: afl app bill

Hello @diode1,

I guess the best option is to send a direct message to @MichealW (option on the profile). Or you can ask about your issue via their online chat http://tel.st/8qprphd (which I use all the time).

Johnell Brooks

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Re: afl app bill

thank you for your feedback
I have been in contact with Michael W but the options in the reply has not resolved anything, as yet they keep trying to pass it to someone else and all these avenues are unsuccessful and lead to Telstra
I have tried the chat and they to have not been helpful - no one wants to take ownership but it is clear on my credit card statements that I am paying the monies to telstra but they say it not them - hopeless

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