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Checking Post-paid call cap usage – Android 24x7 App

 Hi all,


I recently joined Telstra and signed up for a 24 month Mobile Accelerate $70 plan with a Galaxy S5, moving away from my last mobile provider of many years.


I see there are threads from last year regarding this however I was wondering if there was any update to the question.


Besides the current issues I am having of the widget showing "Unable to display your usage details at this time. Please try again in a few minutes." -  this is being discussed in another thread, how can I see my plan call cap usage?


My last provider would show me on their app / widget:
$250 used  of $500 (50%) of calls

1GB used of 2GB (50%) of data used

Cap reset: 6/2/2015 (2 days remain)


All information was visible on a widget that would update every 15, 30 or 60 minutes (selectable). This made it easy to see how much call and data usage was left for the month at a glance.


All I seem to see for the 24x7 app is data usage on the widget and app. There is a recent charges display but I was told this is only if you go over the inclusions in the cap. Is this the case? If so should that be labelled “extra spend” or something of the like?


So using the Telstra 24x7 app and the widget how can I tell how much call credit do I have remaining for the month on my plan?


At the moment I cannot see any way to track this vital usage statistic, only data usage.


Edit: I have entered “My Account” details into the app.




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Re: Checking Post-paid call cap usage – Android 24x7 App

Hi AdamZ

You are able to get your Call Usage through the app - It's under the Usage tab, and is the $ value under Recent activity
If you tab on Recent Activity it'll break it all down for you, and show you how you've spent the amount displayed

This section will show any usage for your plan that comes out of the included credit, not just the stuff you've gone over.
If you have something that's unlimited - say Text Messaging it won't include this in the $ amount though. 

The other thing is, if you've used Premium SMS/ billed something to your Mobile account, this would also show up in the Recent Activity section, however by viewing the account through the app, you can take these charges into account when considering how much of your allowance you left. 


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Re: Checking Post-paid call cap usage – Android 24x7 App

Hey Steph,


Thanks for your reply.


Right. I was told differently by a Telstra store (the Recent Activity only shows what you have gone over is what I was told). Good to know that is current usage of the account. I must admit the wording of "Total estimated charges before discounts and plan allowances" confused me. I thought why would this not be my actual usage? How would I keep track of it then?


So then knowing that I get $700 of calls and unlimited SMS + unlimited message bank each month, long as I keep under $700 on the “Recent Activity” display I shouldn’t be billed extra over my minimum monthly spend (i.e. base monthly charge I agreed to when I signed up). Is my understanding correct?

Perhaps as a feature suggestion for the app:


- Show used/total for plan with the % used + a bar graph like the data display.
i.e. - $450/$700 - 50% used (instead of just a dollar value)


- Show a brief display of inclusions under this section eg:
$700 calls, unlimited SMS, 2.5 GB data, unlimited messagebank


- Split out any charges not covered in the plan, like Premium SMS, international calls (if not included on the plan) and purchases in a section called perhaps "extra spend" so it is clear what extra will be billed. I understand this is just shown as part of “Recent Activities”


- Include a notification alert when data and or call limit is close and when reached plus also any extra spend incurred so you one can be warned.


- Different sized widgets / display options

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