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Comparing Garmin to Google Navigation battery usage

Had an intertesting observation yesterday.


We took a trip, and we needed to use the Smartphone (Xperia Z) as the navigator, since I forgot the Navman that we normally use.


Add to that, I discovered that the cigarette lighter would not power up the phone, so it was all on battery.


I decided to us the Garmin ($1.95 option of voice navigation etc) on the way up (all screenshots were taken after the trip, hence the disparity between the lists and the battery indicator at the top):


START OF TRIP: 8:23, Battery 93%                                                                       END OF TRIP: 10.08, Battery 17%
































RETURN TRIP,  Google Maps navigation.


START OF TRIP 14:52, Battery 83%                                                                 END OF TRIP 16:11, battery 34%































Ideally,  It would have been better if both trips took exactly the same time

, but I couldn't control that.


However, we went EXACLTY the same way on both trips, and I stopped the navigation at EXACTLY the same point.


No messages of phone calls were made or answered during the trips, and I could only charge up the battery to 92% at the remote location, then had the phone doing normal things until we began our return trip.


Obviously, with Garmin,  I get more features (time to destination etc) than with Google Maps, however,both gave voice directions, including street names.


I note that Google Maps has "screen dimming until next instruction" as an option, but screen dimming was not turning the screen off, and kept the screen clearly visible in daylight.


It seems to me that Google Maps navigation is more efficient in terms of battery use, even though I couldn't EXACTLY replicate the circumstances.


Comments,  thoughts?


























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