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Getting music onto my Samsung Galaxy 3

Hey I am new to android phones, yay me!


I want to get my music, preferably from my iTunes, onto my new phone.


I've had a look around Google Play but I prefer to hear what others use!


Is there an app you recommend for this?


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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Getting music onto my Samsung Galaxy 3

Mog is a good app, cheap subscription with unlimited use, and because its launched from Telstra, the data usage to download and stream tracks is not counted towards your usage.

With your existing music, the Samsung Kies software (the samsung equivalent of iTunes) has the ability to search out multimedia files (photos/songs/movies/episodes etc) that are located on your computer, including any content from iTunes. Once it finds all your content you will then be able to use Kies to transfer your existing music and stuff on and off the GS3.

There are a couple of other music apps out there like the Samsung music hub (preinstalled), spotify, etc, but be careful of your data usage if you stream from these services 😉

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Re: Getting music onto my Samsung Galaxy 3

Thanks JCKH. I'm going to check out Mog now! 🙂

Much appreciated!

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