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Porting a number from Telstra

11 months ago I applied to port my existing landline from Primus. I went into a store, filled out the paperwork and was given a copy with the order number. On the due day for the NBN to come and connect - nothing. a half day of my life never to be recovered. When I used the damn aweful app I was happily told that the order was not provisioned properly, a new order had been raised and someone would be in touch shortly. Well... i have repeated the same story now seven times. I get an appointment, I wait home, no-one shows and guess what, the order was wrongly provisioned. I was due for NBN to come tomorrow. I received a text yesterday to call a 1800 number I was asked to confirm that I would be home on Tuesday. I said no, I will be home on Monday as arranged. And why are they changing the day - because the order was not provisioned properly. and so the saga continues. The lovely lady I spoke to who was the first one with impeccable English, told me that I should have received a text 2 days ago telling me of the change. Of course, I never received such a text. What do I do? I cant escalate this to a higher level and when I use help on the app I go into perpetual round-about - I explain the problem, I get a message that it will be looked into, 10 hours later I get another text asking to confirm the problem is something quite different to what I originally stated, I ask them to read the text string and some hours later a different person comes back to confirm the reason I have requested help and so it goes on and on. HELP!

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Re: Porting a number from Telstra

This should have read "porting a number TO Telstra"

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