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Telstra 24x7 App for PC

Could somebody advise me if Telstra has any intention of producing a 24x7 program for PC/Mac. The Phone/tablet app is great and it would be great if Telstra produced a similar product that could be used on a PC/Mac.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra 24x7 App for PC

Probably not. On a PC or MAC you just log in to "My Account" on the Telstra site. The reason for an app on a phone is because it works better than trying to use the website on those devices.

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Re: Telstra 24x7 App for PC

How about Telstra 24/7 app for the Windows phone. I can access the website but as the other reply stated, an app works better on the smaller screen. I think it's about time Telstra and other sites who have apps available started supporting the Windows Phone, we support your network too. I am talking about the small business version her.

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