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Telstra 24x7 for Android / Widgets Showing Pre Paid Not Post Paid

Hello Peoples,


Mobile : S4

Device : 4.2.2

Build Number : 19505DVUAMD8

Model number : GT- 19505


Had a pre paid Telstra mobile plan

Went from Pre to Post with the same number

New SIM card new Mobile new plan


However the 24/7 app works great not the widget -


Manage My Pre - Paid is the message in the widget icon and not post paid. Clicking on this widget loads pre paid options.


Here is a example


I have uninstalled apps - cleared cache - rebooted - prayed to many gods with no luck.


What would is a possible remedy. ?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra 24x7 for Android / Widgets Showing Pre Paid Not Post Paid

Hi Kuth,


Welcome to CrowdSupport.  Thank you for joining and sharing your experience hopefully we can work through this and your post will assist others with a similar issues.


This is a strange one.  I have heard similar issues however they are generally worked around by clearing the cache.  Thanks for sharing the details of your device.  If you could also PM me some further details I would be happy to look in to this issue further in our services logs.


If you could provide me with the following info would be great:


  1. MyAccount username (if you were logged in)
  2. Service number
  3. Times that you have attempted to add the widget (if you can try again and log the time it would be great)
  4. Can you also confirm that if you access the app directly you see your service as a Postpaid service?
  5. Any screenshots you would be happy to share would be a bonus.







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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Telstra 24x7 for Android / Widgets Showing Pre Paid Not Post Paid

DC Hello,


Thank you for taking the time to respond to my little problem.


I will PM you with the details that your are requesting.





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