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Block device from home Telstra Air

I recently got a cable Telstra Gateway Max with the Telstra Air hotspot enabled. I wanted my son to be able to use Telstra Air while at the shops because he doesn't have a data allowance on his mobile phone plan. However at home I wanted to set up timed parental controls so that WiFi isn't always available to him. This was working well, until he worked out that when he is blocked from the home WiFi he can just connect to Telstra Air and bypass the entire parental controls.


Can I extend the parental controls to the home Telstra Air hotspot, or can I disable the home hotspot entirely without deactivating the Telstra Air service on my Bigpond account?




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Re: Block device from home Telstra Air

I agree, Telstra Air is very useful, but circumvents any attempt by parents to filter or control kids wifi access.


This could be solved by allowing users to specify black or white lists of MAC addresses in the Telstra console for Telstra Air.


Enabling Telstra's parental controls on Telstra Air would be a good idea, but they aren't really adequate in functionality.


I've just set up the Blocksi router, which covers everything a parent could want, except that kids can just switch to Telstra Air. I'm going to have to just not give them Telstra Air access.



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