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Can't log in to Telstra Air on laptop

I am able to log in to Telstra Air on my phone, but it won't connect on my laptop. It comes up with the login window, I enter my login and it just takes me straight back to the login window without any error codes. I know my login works as it's working fine on my mobile! No help whatsoever from the Telstra messenger app.

Any suggestions? 

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Re: Can't log in to Telstra Air on laptop

Only way I know currently would be to connect with mobile phone to Telstra Air, then share that internet connection to laptop via "mobile hotspot". 

You may need to check if you are allowed in your terms of service to share "Air" connection.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable isn't too far away.

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Can't log in to Telstra Air on laptop

Hi - do you have another web browser on your laptop - if so try using it to log on. If that works and you prefer to use the original web browser, open it up and then select Settings and Clear Data Cache and Cookies in case that gives you a fresh link to the Telstra Air web site.

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