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can't login to use telstra air



I'm unable to login when I click the telstra air hotspot on my laptop, a browser window opens asking me to login. so I enter my telstra ID (email address) and p/w... and it just brings me back to the same page, or it redirects me to fon-air... 

I have downloaded the app on my samsung s9+, it shows that i have login details, but those detials I cant login with either... and I also noticed that my phone number is not the same.


I have this note in my telstra air backend office area, below.




Telstra Air is currently unavailable because your broadband is using ineligible technology. You can activate Telstra Air on your eligible personal mobile service by downloading the Telstra Air app. To activate the service in the app you'll need your Telstra ID. This is the same login you used for Telstra 24x7 My Account.



see in bold? I followed those and still no joy...


Can anyone help get me connected to telstra air pls?





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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: can't login to use telstra air

That note indicates that you are logging in with your home broadband service, but you don't have one of our modems connected which means that you won't be able to use this login. 


Uninstall the Telstra Air app on your mobile phone and re-install it following the steps shown here under Activate & Connect > On a mobile or tablet > Any Telstra Mobile


1. Turn off your Wi-Fi off and connect to Telstra’s mobile network (just temporarily so that we can identify your service) then open the Telstra Air App

2. Then click the ‘Activate’ button and follow the prompts


Once completed, you should then be able to connect to a Telstra Air hotspot

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