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Is Telstra AIR a useful product....

My Son has stared high-school, we got him a pre-paid mobile service, and I had the bright idea we might use Telstra-Air to stretch the reach of his data and get more value out of our home broadband service.


That said I’ve just realised that there are ZERO usable Telstra-AIR hotspots in my area!! Lots of Telstra pay-phones, but none are "Telstra Air Enabled" and no other hot-spots, figure thats because of the service changes announced for March 2021, and I’m also guessing that Telstra now has some for of NBN charge, they must be looking to get off those residential NBN hotspots??


The upshot here is "is the product still useful" are we just in a bad area? (i'm 15km from the Sydney CBD...) does anyone have any suggestions of other ways to solve the origional issue?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Is Telstra AIR a useful product....

Not useful on Prepaid as access was removed for Prepaid services on the 1st January.

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