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Stuck on telstra air

I can sign in and everything just fine but after login I am stuck on a sign that says "THANKS! please dont navigate or close this page" any help would do thanks.The sign I'm stuck on


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Level 2: Rookie

Re: Stuck on telstra air

I'm having the same problem but getting this error message. I've been using the same hotspot for years. The hotspot has been offline for about 4 days now. 


Level 5: Eagle Eye

Re: Stuck on telstra air

Yes I've had the same thing since Wednesday, I just went through another battle with the voice bot, you can't even log a fault.


FON works, but is slow as hell.

See other thread we have been looking into it


My advice, everyone hit them up on Twitter about this outage.

Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: Stuck on telstra air

Is it working again now - mine has come back but was stuck like yours from last Thursday.  Not sure why it has resolved.

Level 1: Cadet

Re: Stuck on telstra air

Yeah same same, all good now


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