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Telstra Air, cant connect...

Im trying everything including patience.. Across different Access Points my phone and laptop browser errors are 1. "Something went wrong..." from an AP's login page or 2. Hangs from the Telstra Air Activation page on the panel "Thanks do not navigate...." or 3. From the AP's login page - browser flash's login returns with an empty login panel or 4, Hangs from the TA Activation page when the user login slot has been embedded and when swithching between wifi data to mobile data and back to wifi data, like in the manner the app requests. The Apps erros are pretty typical - "Signal too low..." even when standing next to the AP... My phone's wifi network manager does not seem to wait very long before deciding there is no internet. It also pretty trigger happy on the "WIll not connect automatically...". I note the app now lists the phone number and telstra user name with password in the settings... i made some support calls and dropped into a telstra shop. I've now become weary of how telstra solicts sales from technical support calls, it seems like they just want your money. There's really nothing left to try. It should just work! aia am pretty dissappointed

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