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Telstra air is super unreliable

I can only connect 1 in 5 times, today I just spent half an hour by a hotspot trying to get the thing to work. Super frustrating as it's pretty much the main reason I transferred from boost to Telstra.


Error received when not using app:



Error when using the Telstra app:

Generic cannot connect with retry button.


Please note the following:

- I've reinstalled the app twice, it is the latest version

- I've done a full network reset on my Android phone

- Android (10) is also up to date

- all other public hotspots and Wi-Fi networks work

- I am 3-5 metres at most from a hotspot when troubleshooting.


Is it a known issue that these hotspots are this unreliable or that they only work on certain devices or am I missing something?

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