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Telstra Air not connecting

My Telstra air has previously worked without any problems however for a few months now, it won't connect to any hotspot on my phone or my laptop. I have checked it is activated on my account, I have re-installed the app, I have cleared the network from my laptop, I have data on the account, I've disabled firewalls, googled answers, read forums and still nothing works. The signal is strong but the laptop won't open or load the log-in page and just says 'can't connect to server' while the mobile just says 'something went wrong' and fails to connect. Any suggestions how to fix this?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Telstra Air not connecting

Hi @Noelle1


I am sorry that you've had trouble accessing Telstra Air recently. It sounds like you have tried the basic troubleshooting that we would run through with you so the best option will be to discuss this with our faults team.


If you call us on 133933 (say Telstra Air Technical Support) they can investigate further for you.


Keep us posted.

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Re: Telstra Air not connecting

@Noelle1 Try instead of using the app on your mobile, go directly to the Telstra Air web portal and try it from their. 


What I would also try is turn OFF WiFi, log into the web portal, log out of the portal, then turn WiFi ON again and try the app (That should then confirm your credentials)


I just tried to log into Telstra Air from home and couldn't connect, so will try it later on tonight when I am out and about.


Lastly, are you gaining the free access via your home broadband account by having Telstra Air enabled, or is the free access due to a Telstra mobile plan?


Let us know how you get on with the faults team as well :-)

Someone keeps putting vegetables in my beer crisper :-(

Footnote: I don't work for Telstra, I just try to help out fellow Telstra customers.

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