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Telstra Air, one frustrated customer to the crowd

Okies, I hope someone out there has the same issues with telstra air and will be able to shed some light.


Telstra Air has never worked and my trouble ticket has been in the system for over 2 weeks with no progress but they tell me it has escalated, 


The error message after i try logging in with and password is "something went wrong" and "were experiencing technical problems and cant connect you to telstra air"


Tried from my iphone ios 8 App and browser, windows PC browser, mac book pro laptop safari browser.

Tried on my home Wifi ssid telstra air, public phone booth and telstra shop with iphone and laptop (I asked them for support they said to call telstra air team Smiley Happy

I have a Telstra TG 797 modem which is on the supported list and I can see the Telsra Air ssid out of my modem

I have logged into my account to confirm username and password and it says Telstra air is active.




I am pretty over telstra incompetence they have no idea what to do as it is obviously an account issue as I have tried multiple locations with the same result yet no one seems to know how to fix it.


I guess the attitude is that I am not paying for it so suck it up, which is not the right direction for telstra.





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Re: Telstra Air, one frustrated customer to the crowd

Hey @ManDingo,


you have my sympathies, but I think it's a tad unfair to assume that's how they think, even If I do sympathise with you.



 I have a thought (not sure if this works), if you create a new email ID as part of the free ones, does it then work?


I've had no dramas at all,. My ancient Aldi tablet,  My Windows 10 lapto (and Telstra Air is a godsend to me for that), and my Xperia Z1.


I'm almost ready to ditch my pre-paid dial-up 4G device since I haven't had to use it for about 2 weeks.

It'd great (when it works)




If I've helped in some way, a Kudos would be appreciated.
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