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telstra air wont login

After two weeks of calls and conversations with telstra technicians i still cant login to my telstra air service. They now tell me that i should get a new phone number! After 15 years of telstra prepaid. They want me to get new phone number because they cant resolve the problem with telstra air login.

The user name has been confirmed and password is no problem. But it comes up "looks like your not with telstra air".

So they got me to open another account and try that. Then it says, " telstra air is already active on this service".

So the technicians have given up and told me to try this crowdsupport or just get a new phone number!

Historically i had been using telstra air through the app without any problems last year. Then i factory reset my sony Xperia z1 because of camera issues.

On reloading the telstra air app and trying to login at various telstra air hotspots, it wouldn't.

My camera still wasn't working either. So i bought a telstra galaxy S5. Downloaded the telatra air app again and tried to log in at a telstra air hotspot. Same problems.

So after 15 years i will now need to let all my friends, work, banks, etc know that i have a new phone number, or never have telstra air on my service.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: telstra air wont login


Getting a new phone number won't help your situation. I'm not even sure why you were advised of this.

Can I ask if you have a reference number for the fault report you made?



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