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Telstra air

Hello Everyone! 
I’m using a MacBook Pro and when I try to connect to Telstra air or Fon wifi the Mac connects to the wifi network but there isn’t any pop up where I can put in my details and sign in. Is there any manual IP address? Or any other way to do it? 

Thanks in advance! 

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Re: Telstra air

You won't get a popup asking to put in your username/password when you connect to the WiFi.


When you open a browser it should be redirecting you to a login page where you put you credentials in though

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Re: Telstra air

The gateway ip address varies according to the site you are connected to. If you you air connecting to a Telstra Air site being transmitted by a home modem it is usually If your Mac is connecting to the WiFi but the browser is no automatically going to the login portal you can open the browser and manualy enter this address, the browser will be redirected to the login portal. An example is shown below.



If that address doesn't work you can determine the address using one of the methods in the link below.

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