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Unable to load Telstra Air Home Page, after WiFi connection..

Hi there,

      When I attempt to connect to the Telstra Air HotSpot near my home, I can successfully establish the WiFi Connection, but I cannot load the Login/Home Page upon launching the browser (Time Out/DNS fail).

After quite a bit of troubleshooting, and stuffing about on multiple devices, I have established with absolute certainty that it is a DNS issue. I can't ping the two DNS servers configured via DHCP ( &, nor can I query them directly with dig, or nslookup (depending on what client I am on) and I am unable to even ping the gateway address.


If I butcher my hosts file(s), with ad-hoc lookups of signon.telstra, www.telstra, plus a number of other relevant hosts, I am absolutely able to load the login page, and indeed auth succesfully - but having a pretty dodgy solution to the DNS issue, it just falls over shortly thereafter - this was really just to prove to myself that it was, indeed, DNS anyway.

I've tried this from the following devices (all of which have worked without incident in the past):


Windows 10: FAIL

Fedora 26: FAIL

Fedora 19: FAIL

Windows XP: FAIL

iPhone 6S: Success (I can successfully auth and browse using the same Hotspot that I can't get working on desktops/Laptops).


It's late, and I have been working on this for far too long now, so if I have missed anything relevant, please let me know - failing that if you have any questions or comments, it would be much appreciated.



Edit: clarity - removed some words.

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Re: Unable to load Telstra Air Home Page, after WiFi connection..

I use Telstra air my main broadband connection at home, as I am to cheap to pay for an internet connection myself.


One connected to wifi, try going into which will force your browser to connect to the wifi hotspot login page.



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