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Clearing a Telstra phone for use with another provider.

I went to Telstra for the reliability of the network. I asked for a mobile plan with a handset that was as not smart as possible. I was told that there was a choice of two sets for a $25 plan if I was transfering from a prepaid to a plan. I agreed to take the flipp phone option. I was told to come back the next day to finalize the deal. The girl who served me the day before was not in attendance on the next day and I was told that I would have to pay for the handset outright - which I did. I was then told that the $25 plan was no longer available and the best I could do was a $46 plan. As I now owned a Telstra phone I had little option than to accept the deal. Recently I was told that the plan would be cancelled and a $50 plan would be commenced at some time in the future. I use the device very seldom and only for calls mostly incoming with very occasional texts and not net access. The plan I have moved to allows for ample access for my needs and at $10 per month - a saving of $40 per month and that is alot of money for a pensioner. Now I find that the Telstra phone can not be decommissioned to allow for another provider until the section reopens to release the phone. Telstra has not been good to me over the whole deal and I can see no way that I would deal with them again. I am locked into waiting till the office opens to release the phone as I can not afford the price of another handset.
Anyone have an idea as I am floundering and to not have a phone at all makes me anxious and unsafe if something goes amis.

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