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My elederly was conned into buying a bundle.

My mother who is 75 years of age and on an aged pension, recently rang Telstra to discuss problems with her bigpond email and was sold a plan for a supposedly cheaper bundle! She was sent a nighthawk modem which she has no use for and has no idea what to do with it. Well my mother has absolutely no understanding of technical issues, barely understands how to operate her ipad or computer, which I have to help her with on a daily basis and now has to fork out an extra $45 per month on top of her bundle per month for a device she will never use. I rang Telstra and was told that she can get an extra 10 gbs for her ipad. My mother only uses roughly 500 mg per month currently, on her ipad plan for $35 and will never use 10 gbs per month. I explained that she doesn't want this, didn't understand what was going on and I was bluntly told that she agreed to this plan and that to cancel it will cost $800. Why should she pay $45 when the $35 was sufficient. My mother rang up about problems accessing her email and was sold a plan she has no need for and never enquired about in the first place! Why are your technical people selling bundles to old people that they don't need and switching their plans? This is outrageous! My elderly mother was conned into buying this plan and doesn't need it. I want something done about it and this $45 plan removed and the $35 plan for her ipad reinstated. If we don't get satisfaction, we shall contact the Telecommunications Minister about your technical operators selling plans to your elderly subscribers.


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Re: My elederly was conned into buying a bundle.



my suggestion would try here




or phone 13 22 00 and say complaints see if they can get it sorted out.

Telstra customer 15+ yrs, I am not a Telstra employee and never have been

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