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Unable to claim new phone feeling

So i am unable to claim new phone feeling because there is an error with telstras PACBOT system.

I'm eligible to claim new phone feeling so I've been trying to preorder the galaxy fold 3, the system keeps rejecting me on credit nonsense despite the fact that I own a company turning over about $500k every month, on top of this the cost of the new plan is the same as the plan I am upgrading from so there is no actual cost increase, which is infuriating.

I have been to 2 stores, tried online chart. Made several phone calls but telstra seems to be completely unable to control its own automated systems and presumes this is a valid excuse not to honour their contract terms.

Nobody in the company has been able to put me through to anybody who knows wtf they are doing for a living.

On my last attempt at ordering I opted to payout my current device just to see if that would work, no it did not.

Now my only option is to wait for my next bill, go and switch my phones and devices to vodaphone, then take telstra to small claims court for not honouring the contract (no I don't gaf about the ombudsman, court is faster and easier), there is literally a contractual obligation to honour new phone feeling, tge size of a company doesn't excuse it from basic human decency or integrity... honestly it's a certain win for me and it's absolutely insane that I have to now leave a company I've been loyal to for so many years because of a complete lack of ability for any kind of effective human intervention.

My claim will be for the full value of the contract, every last payment made to date, as I would never have taken up this plan if upgrading was not an option.

Attached a photo of the nonsense I'm dealing with.



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Unable to claim new phone feeling

Your problem seems to be related to the Credit Assessment failing (which has to be done due to an ACCC ruling a few years ago). You would need to call 132200 and speak to a consultant to get the information that is associated with your account updated (address, employment status, driver's licence, etc).

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