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Unlock android

I want to unlock my Telstra phone. It was pre-paid and had been with Telstra for more than 2 years. I am trying to chat to someone and because of Covid I can't. It's a nightmare, I just want it unlocked. Can anyone suggest anything or a way to contact someone?

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Re: Unlock android

Hi Samuel

I've had 2 Telstra smartphones unlocked over the past 5 years (Huawei Y530 & ZTE Blade).

Pretty routine if u can get on to Telstra and get the unlock code. Also from memory it was free after 2 years or decreasing rate from about $70 if under 2 years (not quite sure). 

Also check thru this crowdsupport site - might find more help - Telstra guys who contribute to this discussion forum should also be able to help or even supply unlock code for you. You may also find some other useful web sites - but will probably charge for unlock codes/advice?

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