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Domain Blocked


My business domain has been blocked by Telstra.

If I connect to another network it is fine.

This is causing me a lot of concern that potential clients/customers can not access my website and I can not access incoming or engage outgoing emails!

Can someone assist with me as to why this may be the case?

Telstra support to date can not solve issue.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Domain Blocked

It could be the because the IP addresses that Squarespace are using have been flagged as malicious by some blacklisting services. Your individual site hasn't, so that's good, but you are being punished for the behaviour of some sites that reside on the hosting system that your site shares.


You might need to contact Squarespace support to get their assistance.

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Re: Domain Blocked

Jupiter - Thank you so much for that advice. I will do that and let you know. Cheers Chipper55

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