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NBNSwitchnow Phone number states "This promotion has ended"



Received a letter yesterday regarding changing to NBN. Dated the 9th of July 2021 

Time to change the home phone and internet to NBN.

I am on Co-AX. The Home phone is a plain old telephone.

The Telstra Gen 2 modem supports SIP. Telstra supplied it.

Telstra can disconnect the home phone and change the modem settings remotely.

Back to the reason for typing this forum post. 


When dialing 1800 991 826, Thanks for calling Telstra, We have found an account for the number you are calling from, would you like to proceed? Yes  The promotion you are calling about has ended. 


Over to the website. 

This is a sign up page for a new customer. 

I have multiple Telstra accounts, which one am I about to edit? There was no login prompt. 

New tab opened on I am not logged in. 


What's stopping any random person from changing my plan?

Why is this process so difficult?


Thanks in advance



PS: What is Broadband Protect?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBNSwitchnow Phone number states "This promotion has ended"

When you request migration to the NBN, it will migrate your phone and internet service across. It doesn't affect the plan that you are on or any other services that you have.


You could also call 132200 or use the chat function via My Telstra (app or website) to request migration.

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