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Telstra Broadband Protect incorrectly blocking our links

Hi Telstra team, Our ESP's tracking links are being incorrectly blocked for malicious content. The domain being blocked is Can you please review this asap. We have already clicked the Report this website as safe link, however it hasn't updated. We're a small Australian ESP you can find more info on us here: Cheers, Josh

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra Broadband Protect incorrectly blocking our links

Crowdsupport is not an official Telstra Technical Support channel. Nobody can follow it up for you.


The only method of requesting a review of the blocking is by the Report website as safe link or by lodging a complaint via


The link you provided just downloads a file rather than opening up a website, so that might give a clue as to why it has been blocked. It is also listed by G-Data (see VirusTotal) for Phishing, so you would need to get delisted from there.

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