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Call Guardian 301 compatability with additional handsets

I have a Call Guardian 301 which came with base + handset and additional handset. I recently purchased an additional handset which is slightly different to my existing ones and is now called Telstra Call Guardian 301 Mk II. I asked (several times) if it would be compatible and received no satisfactory replies - obviously the person(s) I have spoken to did not know. When I received the MkII additional handset it registered to the base with no problems and synchronised date and time. But that is all it syned - no contact numbers, speed dial number or calls list. If I try to go into the calls list it displays "You cannot use that feature on this base".

I rang and was advised that it was probably faulty and you would send a replacement. I again asked about the possiblity of lack of compability with existing system and again the question was ignored. I have now received the replacement (without the postbag to return the first one as had been promised) and have exactly the same problems! Will register but not sync, only date and time. Also when I try to de-register the first additional handset it displays the message "You cannot use that feature on this base".

Is there ANYONE who can shed some light on this problem?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Call Guardian 301 compatability with additional handsets

Hi BarbaraMB, 


Both MkI and MkII handsets should be compatible.  It's possible the handset did register correctly, I would recommend de-registering the affected handsets and re-registering them.


To De-register a handset

1. Select Menu, scroll using the CALLS - Down button to display Settings and press Select.

2. Press CALLS - Down button to highlight Registration and press Select.

3. Press CALLS - Down button  to highlight De-register and press Select.

4. Press CALLS - Up button  or CALLS - Down button to highlight the handset you wish to de-register and press

Select. 5.


If the system PIN is not 0000 then you will be prompted to enter it, then select OK. If it is 0000, you will continue straight to point 6. 6. The display will show De-registering and once successful the display will confirm the handset has been de-registered.

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Re: Call Guardian 301 compatability with additional handsets

Hi Kenobi


I just saw this reply today so forgive the late response!


I de-registered and re-registered the additional handsets many times and they still would not synchronise with the base. Caller list was not available, ditto other features.


It was eventually established by a consultant the Ml II handsets were NOT compatible with the base and they were returned to Telstra. Then it took seven weeks to be refunded!

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